Ring Resizing

If your ring doesn't fit you comfortably, bring it to Henry's Jewelers in Warrington, PA. We have on-site professional jewelers who can resize any ring, up or down, with perfection. Don't let the ring sit in your drawer just because its fit is not proper, get it resized and start wearing it again.

If your ring is loose and you want to make it smaller, it is comparatively an easy process than increasing the size. Our expert jewelers will cut your ring, remove a small part from the shank and reconnect the ends by soldering or welding. If your ring is small for your finger and you want to increase its size, no worries, we can help you with that as well. After resizing is done, we will polish it so there are no visible signs that the ring has been resized.

We have resized precious family heirlooms with great care and will give that same attention and care to your rings too. We want you to enjoy your ring for years to come.

Ring Resizing Service at Henry
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