Restringing Beads and Pearls

Restringing Beads and Pearls Service at Henry
Restringing Beads and Pearls Service at Henry

Pearl jewelry is a must-have in every woman's jewelry wardrobe but it needs special care. You can extend the life and beauty of your precious pearl jewelry by getting it inspected from time to time. A wear and tear of pearl jewelry is inevitable and it can cause its knots to loosen up and hence affect the beauty of the pearl jewelry

Uneven gaps, fuzzy and dirty knots are the signs your pearl jewelry gives when it is a time for restringing. Bring your pearl jewelry to us and our expert jewelers will restring it with utmost care making sure that none of the pearls are damaged in the process and that your pearl jewelry looks as good as new.

Ready to get restringing done for your pearl jewelry? We can help with that!

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